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Outriders Technomancer Build Tech Shaman and Live Stream Expeditions T9-10 042721 2107

27 April, 2021


Using a newly inspired multi-status effect Tech Shaman build to push through to higher tiers. Moved from Tier 9 to Tier 11. With extra team mates and the Vulnerability status effect from the class tree I was dealing up to three times more damage.

The Build

The Gear

I was using a modified Inferno Seed with Wrath of Moloch and Winter's Blast.

This helps to proc Bullet Kindling +20% damage against Burning enemies.

Winter's Blast helps me get the +15% damage against Frozen enemies.

My Blight Turret spread Toxin so that I could get the +15% damage against Toxic affected enemies.

You'll need the correct Tier 2 armour mods to get the most out of doing those damage types of course.

Other mods you can get involve the Cryo Turret, Blighted Turret and Cold Snap.

Getting mods that boost the Cryo Turret damage is very useful.

If you can fit the mod for reducing Armour on those affected by Blighted Turret that would work.


In my own personal setup.

I did use 1 piece of the Borealis Monarch set with the Cryo Turret cooldown reduced by 50%.

I also used Damage Absorber for an 11% damage reduction boost from my base armour.

I also used Aura of Force for 8000-11000 Anomaly power boost when killing enemies with critical shots - which I do often with Inferno Seed to proc Wrath of Moloch and Winter's Blast.

This further increases Turret damage.

Combined with the Tech Shaman cooldown bonuses for Gadgets this allows you to constantly use Cryo Turret every 7 seconds along with Blighted Turret every 6 seconds.

This maintains your +30-40% Anomaly boost uptime for using those skills.

The Tree

I used a modified Tech Shaman build.

Tech Shaman Multi-Status Effect Damage Turret Build

You'll want all the Toxic and Vulnerability nodes and the Freeze and Vulnerability nodes.

You'll also want the boost Anomaly power when you use a Decay skill node from the bottom tree as well.

Choose all nodes related to Cooldowns and boosting Anomaly power when using Gadget or Decaay skills.

Feel free to change this as you see fit.

The Skills

You want to use:

  • Blighted Turret
  • Cryo Turret
  • Cold Snap

The best part is that I don't have to worry about using Blighted Rounds and running out of bullets when using that skill.

Which can be a problem in multiplayer.

Outriders Live Stream Expeditions T9-10 042721 2107

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Outriders Technomancer Build Tech Shaman and Live Stream Expeditions T9-10 042721 2107

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