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Outriders Gameplay and Review Updates April 23, 2021

23 April, 2021


I've played about 206 hours at this point and all I can say is that the game has potential to be great, however it still has many things to fix and add to truly reach that potential.

Could it replace Warframe or Destiny 2 for me?

If they added more content in the future maybe.

First lets talk about the recent patches and updates.


As of 7 hours ago as of this writing, they released their latest updates on this.

Their still working on the inventory fix and it has yet to go live.

Too many characters to fix?

Who knows.

Since I have a background in programming, I can tell you that dealing with databases that are gigantic is no walk in the park.


Yes there are still bugs in the game.

I've crashed a few times while playing with console players (I'm on Steam).

I seem to avoid crashes more often when not playing with console players, cross-play/cross-platform.

I've even crashed just before getting my loot in an expedition, it happens though not often.

Anomaly Power tricksters using cyclone can get caught in an animation glitch.

Other things they have yet to fix or are trying to fix.

Point: Difficulty dealing with Snipers

Also to be dealt with.

Admittedly, snipers almost never miss when you're out of cover.

Worse part is, you can't use cover without a human throwing a grenade to drive you out.

Point: Difficulty dealing with excessive knockback from creatures in the Stargrave expedition.

This is also being patched?

Why only Stargrave?

The knockback happens whenever you fight an elite human boss or a monster boss.

This is one of the things I hate the most.

You can't resist it.

It happens a lot.

This was a problem with Destiny's bosses as well.

What I hated most was that the devs designed some main quest boss fights where the boss just flat out hurls you off the platforms to your death if you get close or use crowd control abilities on them.

This really ticks me off.

They should give this knock back defence a cooldown otherwise it's ridiculous they can do it all the time to you.



Intentions behind Balancing, Expeditions, Down-scaling and other key areas of discussion in community:

We're aware that these are topics that are currently attracting a lot of discussion throughout the community - they are of course also topics that we discuss internally. However, because they are fundamental aspects of the game, feedback and considerations for change must be considered over a longer period of time. This is to say that, while we haven't yet talked about these topics, we do intend to do so in future.

In the previous patch back on April 15, 2021, they nerfed some powers for Trickster and maybe Technomancer because they were too good.

Mostly the cooldown for Twisted Rounds.

The cooldown for Toxic Rounds for the Technomancer is already ridiculous - it's like 40-50 seconds.

The community has also raised many issues.

The fact that if no PVP is involved, why are they nerfing?

Why aren't they bringing other abilities of other classes up instead of nerfing things instead?


After spending dozens of hours on my endgame Trickster, I can only say that the character's solo survivability and farming ability is worse than the other 3 classes.

This is because the class literally has very low skill leech and has absolutely no damage over time abilities or specializations like the other classes.

Devastator has bleed, Technomancer has toxin, Pyromancer has burn.

Combined with skill leech, this allows these classes to gain constant sources of health during a fight outside of the class healing mechanic.

The trickster has only pure burst damage.

I can understand this was their vision for the role however it makes the trickster too weak, as they can only heal from close range damage kills (their class mechanic).

It also puts them directly in harms way.

Trickster Abilities are Meh

The other problem with tricksters is that their abilities do pretty much similar things.

Venator's Knife and Slow Trap both Slow enemies.

So they're not very unique.

I've only found Slow Trap useful for the harbinger tank path.

Hunt the Prey and Borrowed Time are both movement skills that are opposites to each other.

Yet they both involve teleporting so not totally unique.

In addition some players have reported that Hunt the Prey is either glitchy or hard to use, issues which I have encountered.

Mostly has to do with getting behind someone, because sometimes the enemy's back is filled by another enemy or a wall.

So you end up teleporting no where.

The could have designed it to take you to the nearest unoccupied space near the enemy instead, with priority on the back first.


In the demo this class seemed weak, however it turns out that the way the game is set up, with all these long range enemies with guns or spitting acid or beams or leaping at you, that the technomancer is one of the easiest classes to play and advance to the very end.

They've got long range damage bonuses, built in weapon and skill leech bonuses and toxin damage, all of which lets you survive better than the other 3 classes.

They shouldn't be nerfed.

The other classes need to be brought up to be on par with the technomancer perhaps.


This really goes back to some of the balancing and patch points above.


Mostly the monsters have auto knockbacks that ragdoll you and you can't defend against it.

So do many of the human elite mini-bosses or bosses.

It feels like all of the elites will knock you back when the chance presents itself.

It's annoying and also unrealistic that all of the creature and even human bosses can do this to you even if you're playing a devastator.


As I mentioned in the demo review, cover is totally useless as enemies just walk right up to you and attack or throw grenades, flushing you out.

They should just kill the cover system.


Not to mention that in the endgame Expeditions content, you have to move and kill so fast to get better rewards, that you have no time to even use cover.

The fact that there are hordes of enemies coming at you also means that taking cover is useless as well since the melee guys rush you or they go around cover and shoot you.

There's just so many enemies.


Why is there no jumping in this game to avoid attacks?


Whether you dodge or roll, you can't avoid any attacks at all - it does give you any kind of immunity or damage resistance as in other games like Guild Wars 2, Warframe, ESO, etc.

If you roll through a fiery patch on the ground you still catch fire and take damage.

The crawler beast with it's sweeping beam attack hits you even if you dodge roll.

It's ridiculous and has been frustrating in my playthroughs.

So what was the point of putting in the dodge rolling mechanic at all?


I mentioned this above.

The snipers hit extremely hard with one shot rifles which can easily eat up to half your health sometimes.

They also almost never miss if you're not behind cover.

Enemy Fire

Also enemies using guns seem to hit you more often than you'd like.

Like almost too good accuracy.


After you finish the main story in like 15-20 hours all you have are expeditions.

That content is all about DPS racing so it doesn't appeal to every kind of player who's playing Outriders right now.

PCF, the devs are going to need a wider variety of content if they want players grinding through their PVE content for a lot longer.

Then again they're not a live service though so maybe this won't happen - outside of DLC expansions.


There are a few loose ends to the main story.

Well it feels like it to me.

Or unanswered questions.

Do you ever deal with Kang?

What lies beyond the Anomaly and the eye of the storm?

What causes the Anomaly?

Does the ECA and Insurgent conflict ever end?

Are there any other alien species on Enoch?


I mentioned this before.

The game has a problem here in that a level 43 equipped character will get scaled down to level 35 in a level 33 game.

You're only at best 2 levels higher than the enemies.

This is to prevent your character from steamrolling everything in a lower level game.

You won't feel as powerful as you were before.

Many players didn't really like how they handled scaling.

In a way it's similar to Guild Wars 2 where they scale players down.

Maybe they should have reversed it and increased enemy levels while scaling the damage and power of lower level players on the team up instead - that's what Elder Scrolls Online did.

Enemy Variety

In the game there's just too few enemy types.

You're just fighting the same types over and over.

What happened to those two legged, super tall aliens?

Why didn't we end up fighting them?

I'm talking about the ones from the end of the Terra Infirma side quest.

Stats Not Showing Up Right

Another glitch perhaps however if you upgrade your gear from level 44 to 46, your stats for Firepower, Hit Points, Anomaly Power and Armour in the Inventory screen won't update until you log out and back in from the lobby.


Besides the connection glitches and game drops/crashes, especially cross-platform or on cross-play, multi-player matchmaking is just plain bad or simple.


I want to play with only other players who are running Challenge Tier 4.

If you do matchmaking, select Expeditions and go, you'll just be randomly matched up with any player who has finished the main story even if they're not doing expeditions right now (though expeditions is unlocked for them).

This is kind of ridiculous.

You also have no control over finding players who want to run the Challenge Tier you want.

I've ended up in Challenge Tier 15 runs when I was only CT 11.

I couldn't do enough damage or survive.

Also multiplayer matchmaking should pair you with players who are already in actively running expeditions.

Plus you should be able to filter your matchmaking to world tiers or challenge tiers you want to handle.

Instead you might end up grouped with a player who is at the expedition camp, AFK (away from computer).

What I'm saying is that the matchmaking for expeditions should drop you right into the action whenever possible.

This is what Warframe does, and it mostly does it very well.

Future Directions

It feels like this game could become a live service game if it wanted.

Or something similar to Warframe, depending on how much content they expand the game with.

I guess this game is following more of a model like Borderlands, with multiplayer capability yet without being a live service.

Or maybe it's better that you just finish the game and move on.

Outriders Live Stream Grind and Expeditions T1-T2 042021 2108

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