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Corpus Railjack Update First Impressions - Warframe 2021

25 March, 2021


We're reviewing the Corpus railjack update that DE put out this week in March 2021. Is it good enough to get you playing railjack in Warframe?

Yes and no.

It's a good bunch of steps however the missions still ain't all there yet.

It's closer though.

Corpus Railjack Update First Impressions

Here's the details.

Plexus: Your Railjack is Like Your Guns, Mechs, Warframes

Probably the biggest change is that the railjack works exactly the same way as your guns, mechs and warframes.

You use forma, endo and "mods" to upgrade it and change it.

There's no more separate "avionics" systems.

You use railjack mods just like you would with gun mods, mech mods, etc.

It feels more integrated with the Warframe way of doing things.

Some players have complained about this.

I think it's a great change because now you don't have to grind for another kind of resource, you just grind endo.

Also all dirac resources from before were converted to endo in the change.

The Ship's Stats

Not much has changed here really.


There is one new thing to note however and that is that armour affects your armour (ability to resist damage to your hull) and hull points.

You start with base Sigma armour and have to either farm better armour in the railjack star chart or research and build up to Sigma 3 armour.

The highest hull points I've heard about is 6000 so far and I think that includes the mods that boost armour and hull.


You keep all of your ship's weapons from before however they have added some new weapons to either research or to farm in railjack.

You'll see all the new guns in the dojo railjack research section so I'm not going into them here.

Plus I don't have them yet.

Engines and Movement

DE devs got rid of the whole stamina thing for boosting.

Just like in regular Warframe you can "boost" (sprint) as long as you want.

Boost multiplier is now more useful though I wouldn't skip looking at base speed of the engines either.


The reactors have changed since now all ship battle mods use your Warframe energy instead of flux.

The reactors either boost duration, ability strength or range.

Weirdly, the Type 2 versions of engines focus on a single stat however it can go as high as 80%.

So if you want the most damage for abilities like Seeker Volley you must use Type 2 engines with 80% strength instead of Type 3 engines with dual stats of 60%/40%.

Battle and Tactical Mods

Like I said avionics are gone.

Now you have battle mods.

The thing to note here is that battle and tactical mods do not take up any capacity for regular ship mods.

Battle and tactical mods are totally separate from the capacity system for regular mods.

They're also levelled up with endo.

So far the best mod for wiping out fighters is Seeker Volley.

It also does more damage depending on the reactor you use.

Killing crew ships is easy enough even without forward artillery mods.

The Layout

The entire railjack layout has been changed so that the guns are on the top and bottom of the ship.

It makes the 360 firing perk in the intrinsics make more sense.

Also you see what the pilot sees.

Well you can see in the same direction anyway.

Intrinsic Skill Lines

There hasn't been any super major changes in the intrinsic skill lines.

The level 10 tactical warp in Tactical, anastasis remote repair in engineering and the new railjack blink in Piloting are pretty useful.


The level 10 ability for gunnery has met with major criticism simply because it adds more heat if you use snap to aim.

Yet the rank 9 ability was used to get rid of heat.

The negative didn't seem to justify the positive.

It's best for now not to bother with rank 10 gunnery.

Command Skill Line

This is the other big big change coming from the Corpus railjack update.

The command skill line lets you hire crew members and use Kuva Liches/Corpus liches as defenders.

Problem is that most of the ranks seem kind of basic and boring.

They could have included the competency points and extra crew members as things that are for sure to happen as you rank up and add some more interesting perks as you gain Command ranks.

DE has also skipped rank 10 Command as they watch the feedback.


The major thing out of command line is being able to hire crew.

It's a bit glitchy though it works.


I used a kuva lich as a defender however it turned out they only use the base kuva weapon which does very little damage even though they are extremely tanky.

So that's kind of useless.

Not only that the kuva lich was using the wrong weapon.

My kuva lich used a magnetic bonus kuva bramma except now she was stuck using a kuva chackurr?

Liches definitely need a re-work still in the new railjack system.

Then later on when I wanted to set the lich as a defender again, the lich vanished from the Crew > Contract interface.

What gives?

Anyway you can hire crew from Ticker on Fortuna.

So far using npc crew as pilots is a hit or miss.

They usually fly around randomly and might get your ship into a tough situation.

So it's best not to use crew as pilots for now.

Also crew members for some reason can't be assigned to use the forward artillery.

That means that if you're solo, you have to fire it yourself, which slows things down.

Thus the best skills to get right now are engineering and gunnery.

The npcs are great at those roles.


It's recommended that the engineer have high Endurance plus Repair so they can fight boarders or be used in non-railjack missions.

You can also assign a crew member as "on call", and can summon them like a spectre in non-railjack missions.


The best weapons to use are hard hitting area of effect weapons like kuva ogris, kuva bramma, secure penta, etc.

A well modded phantasma shotgun or ignis wraith are also great choices.


Finally, they've added Exterminate, Orthrix, Defense, Volatile missions from regular Warframe into railjack as Corpus missions only.

These missions work just like regular Warframe missions and once you do them that's it, your done, you don't do any more railjack stuff.

So the issue still is that it's not a super tight mix of railjack and regular missions.

Instead of hopping on your railjack between mission objectives or having multiple team mates doing railjack and boarding missions at the same time, your railjack is nothing more than a taxi at the start of the mission.

The only mission that definitely requires more than 1 person to do more easily is Volatile and probably Orthrix.

Volatile has you managing a heat meter by shooting vents while killing Corpus engineers who try to stop you.

Orthrix is just like the Venom event except the Orthrix spawn faster.

You can also farm arcanes, though only 1 every 12 Orthrix beaten.

So at best you get 3 arcanes per Orthrix mission.

Grineer Missions

The grineer missions were left practically untouched.

They also don't have any of the Corpus missions I just mentioned above.

They're still the same mission types from before.

On the flip side, Corpus missions don't have any of the mission types that the Grineer have.

So it's kind of weird.

Maybe they'll change that later on.


So my first impressions of the corpus railjack update in March 2021 is that it's a few good steps forward.

It still has room for improvement in terms of mission design, railjack intrinsic skills and crew member system.

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