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Destiny 2: Is It Worth Playing in 2021?

24 March, 2021


Is Destiny 2 worth playing, that's the question.

I've spent about 213 hours recently grinding through the game and closing in on the hard cap max power level for Season of the Chosen.

Having come from other online MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online and action looter shooters like Warframe I can say that Destiny 2 is a pretty decent mix.

It's not perfect of course however it's very easy to enjoy the grind if you like gun play.

It's more satisfying in terms of story compared to looter shooter sci-fi Warframe and more action oriented and fast paced compared to an MMO like ESO or Guild Wars 2.

Destiny 2:  Is It Worth Playing in 2021?

The Good

The Loot

As a looter shooter there has to be a large enough variety of loot, especially good loot.

Destiny 2 definitely delivers in this area as getting gear and upgrading it is pretty easy.

Also exotics drop just enough at low difficulties to make it feel like it's worth playing the game.

Of course playing things like Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes at higher than Hero difficulty will definitely give you a higher chance to get Exotic yellow gear, which is interesting for collectors.

Though Exotics are not always the best gear, the unique perks on them make them interesting to play around with or to entertain yourself.

So far I've found the loot and power level grind to be far more enjoyable than the looter games like Warframe and Path of Exile.

This is despite not doing the most highest level, hardest content like raids or even PVP Gambit or Crucible.

I've spent long hours slaying and looting and I'm still excited to do more.



Probably the best part about Destiny 2 is the ability to use all kinds of firearms, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and more.

It's like fantasy in space with advanced tech.

The weapons all have different feels to them and with mods you can make them act differently depending on what you need.

Want a bigger dragonfly explosion when you kill someone with a headshot, there's a mod for that.

Weapons with low stability have a kick that makes it hard to be precise with them.

Weapons with high handling let you switch to them and aim faster than those with low handling.

Every gun also has an extra trait that changes how it feels too.

Some have more ammo reservers, others have innately longer ranges, etc.

All of these aspects make the gunplay and firing weapons a joy.


In terms of the AI of enemies, they're definitely some of the more smarter kinds of enemies.

They dodge out of the way if possible if you aim at them, unless you guess where they'll be next and track them fast.

They hurl grenades fairly accurately if you're behind cover too long sometimes.

In short, you definitely feel challenged, even at higher power levels.

It's entirely possible for bosses of lower power than you in the open world to kill you if you're not careful and you take too many hits.

So the challenge level is just right to me.

Enemies also have a variety of attacks from jumping and firing to long range sniping to missiles.


For the new Destiny 2 player there's a lot of achievements, quests and more to go through.

If you paid for the expansions you'll have plenty of hours to go through to finish them.

There are a ton of achievements and collections to unlock in your Collections section.

What About New Players?

So there's a lot of content for a new player to go through if they have the Destiny 2 expansions.

In terms of the base game, without Forsaken or Beyond Light, you still have content to go through in terms of the Cosmodrome and the EDZ.

After that however you may find that all that's left is PVP as most of the other PVE areas of the game are in the expansions.


The microtransactions not including anything about the expansions are all cosmetic based.

I'd say that Eververse, their in game store is pretty good in this regard.

There's no pay to win in this game.

And pay for convenience also doesn't seem to be the case either.

You can grind most everything in game.

If however you're a credit card warrior, you can of course get entire collections of cosmetics unlocked without the grind.


The graphics of Destiny 2 are definitely stable and smooth.

I'm using the default Nvidia Geforce Experience settings without lowering them and I'm still getting 60 fps all the time even on a GTX 1660 Ti.

This game is very well optimized, similar to Warframe.

The graphics are definitely not super high detailed or anything however if I had to rank them compared to say ESO, Final Fantasy Online or Guild Wars 2, Destiny 2 is definitely better.

The Bad



The main gripe I've had about combat mostly is the smoothness of movement and jumping.

In Destiny 2 you use jump jets and apparently it's not easy to control it when you're a new player.

You'd often have to use the strafe option and even then you can screw up and fall to your death in certain jumping puzzles, situations or "dungeon" strikes.

The warlock class stays in the air the longest however you have little control in getting out of the air as fast as possible if enemies are shooting you there.

The titan has the second longest.

The hunter has the shortest "in air" time.

There's no rolling and only the hunter has dodge.

Sprinting is done by toggling it with Shift.

When I compare this with Warframe, I feel like it's too slow, clunky and hard to control.


I've avoided PVP because apparently with the addition of Stasis powers, the current meta is to slow/freeze players and then one shot them with a shotgun.

I was never fond of PVP to begin with, this fact definitely makes sure I don't play the pvp modes.

Unfortunately some exotic catalysts like Ticuu's Divination bow requires you to do PVP to unlock it in Season 13, Season of the Chosen.

So at some point I'll have to.

Bungie is working on addressing the unbalanced power of stasis, and have made some nerfs in the latest 3.1.1 patch that dropped March 2021 however I've yet to see if the PVP situation has improved.


The Expansions

A lot of players have felt that the latest expansions like Beyond Light and perhaps Forsaken or Shadow Keep were too small.

They didn't offer enough strikes and raids.

And you might have only gotten a handful of exotics or less.

Thus many felt they weren't worth the cost.

I think it was like $49.99 CAD just for Beyond Light expansion.

It's almost the cost of an entire $60 triple A title with only a fraction of the content.

As a new player, I bought it all as a bundle so I don't have any major issues.

I can understand however if veterans find that the new expansions have less content compared to previous ones like the Taken King from Destiny 1.

One might feel that it just wasn't worth it.

Certain Quests/Missions Can Be Repetitive

One of my gripes with Destiny 2 are that some of the class unlock quests for Stasis for example require you to kill a certain number of enemy types or a certain number of enemies in a specific way (i.e. freezing them and then shattering them).

I admit this is grindy looter shooter however when I have to repeat this kind of quest over and over it does kind of annoy me.

I guess however this is better than having to run through the Labyrinth in Path of Exile just to upgrade your ascendancy class.

That one is even worse as you have to fighter harder and harder monsters and final bosses just to unlock 2 bloody perk points of your elite class.


The question of whether Destiny 2 is worth playing in 2021 is a simple one for me and somewhat more complicated for others.

I would say that yes it's worth playing if you're new to the Destiny 2 universe, especially if you get it as a bundle with all of the content to date and the season pass.

For veteran players, your mileage will vary on how much you just love the game play in Destiny 2 and whether it justifies the cost of the expansions which are almost expensive as a full AAA game while not having the content of a full game.

As long as you're easily satisfied and find enjoyment in the Destiny 2 loot grind without being worried about hard core end game PVP and raiding, then I'd say Destiny 2 is a fine game to play.

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