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Eramis Kell of Darkness Final Boss Destiny 2 Beyond Light

21 March, 2021


My Human Hunter faces Eramis Kell, the final boss of the Beyond Light storyline in Destiny 2.

Eramis Kell of Darkness Final Boss Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Best Way to Kill This Boss

Eramis is an annoying boss to fight because you're fighting her on a platform where you can fall off.

If you use any ability or Super that crowd controls her, she will literally blast you off the platform and you will fall to your death.

To avoid this, just use the Stasis Wall grenade to block her stasis abilities.

Then using it as cover, strafe out and shoot her in the head until she tries to use another Stasis ability.

This was the easiest least annoying way to beat her.

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