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How to Beat and Survive the Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2

12 March, 2021


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Agonarch run starts at 3:22:24.

How do you beat and survive the Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge?

The first time I did this it was quite confusing so I'm here to clear this up for new and old players coming back to do this Dreaming City Destiny 2 challenge.

Requirements to Do This Challenge

Tincture of Queensfoil

This is a kind of common item in the Dreaming City zone.

Once you've unlocked the place, you get it as drops if you do enough public events, region chests, ascendant chests, etc.

Just keep doing things.

Once used, the effect of the Tincture lasts 30 minutes.

Ascendant Challenge Quest

You need to get this quest from Petra Venj.

She ccan be found in The Strand (weak curse level), Divilian Mists (medium curse alert), Rehasilvia (strong curse alert).

Suggested Classes and Load Out

A Warlock guardian with powerful area of effect supers will help kill the bosses and mobs at the end.

A Hunter with Triple Jump may make the jumping puzzle easier.

Bring a powerful one hit weapon that has no travel time as the bosses move constantly.

I suggest the Linear Fusion Rifle or something like that or a Sword.

Where the Heck Is It?

To find the Agonarch Abyss you've got to go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes.

Teleport to the Divilian Mists.

Turn around and you'll see the Lost Sector icon.

You literally can't miss it.

Head inside and keep moving.

The Lost Sector is called the Bay of Drowned Wishes.

Once you leave the cave tunnel, keep moving to the right.

Kill all of the exploding (kamikaze suicide) screeb enemies and the big brute gunners.

Then you use one unit of Tincture of Queensfoil assuming you have it (remember the requirements above).

This Tincture allows you to see the normally invisible Ascendant Plane portal.

The portal looks like a big crackling black portal in the middle of the air.

You have to jump as close as you can to it and the portal will suck you in.

Beating and Completing Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge

So you've managed to get this far and get inside the Abyss?

Now what?

It's a bloody jumping puzzle so prepare to fall to your death several times if your reaction times are too slow or timing is off.

A lot of the other easy to find guides on this challenge fail to mention that 2 of the stone platforms are constantly rotating.

So if you jump when it's vertical it's possible to slide off and fall to your death.

Also it's not obvious at first however you need to follow the white light orb hovering over each platform, it guides you.

Wherever that white orb of light is, is the platform you need to jump to.

What the other guides fail to mention in writing is that there are 2 Taken bosses, not 1 and you'll be constantly attacked by mobs of Taken grunts while you fight.

Remember to see the "Suggested Classes and Load Out" from above for suggestions on how to quickly vaporize them.

You don't want to die at the boss platform otherwise I think they'll send you all the way back to the start to do the jumping puzzle again.

Once you kill all the enemies, get the loot and high tail it out of there.

Be sure to see the extract of my playthrough of the Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge above, at the top of the post.

Start at 3:22:24 where I teleport into Divilian Mists.

If you want to see me run through it with no deaths, start at 3:35:48.

The Agonarch run ends 3:42:13.

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