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How to Know Currently Active Elemental Burn in Destiny 2 (And What To Do)

10 March, 2021


How to Know Currently Active Elemental Burn in Destiny 2 (And What To Do)

How do you know what the currently active elemental burn is in Destiny 2 when doing the weekly strike bounty missions?

It's often quite confusing for new players and isn't well explained in many top posts on the subject.

Also how do you gear/set your character up to do it?

Most of the top result pages how to find it and not how to meet the requirements.

How Do You Find the Currently Active Elemental Burn?

To see what the currently active elemental burn is, go to Vanguard Strikes.

If the weekly bounty asking for burn is on regular 1100 strikes, click that one.

If it's on Nightfall: Ordeal or Grandmaster, click those ones.

That takes you deeper into that strike mode.

Now look around, usually near the bottom left hand corner area.

You'll see 1 - 4 white-grey symbols above "Vanguard Strikes" or "Nightfall Ordeal", etc.

Hover over them until you see the one that says something like:

  • Void Singe
  • Solar Singe
  • Arc Singe

It'll tell you that those damage types do more damage to you and the enemy.

That is also the "currently active elemental burn".

What Do You Do to Meet the Active Elemental Burn Requirement?

This is where a lot of the top search result articles forget to tell you.

You have to go into your character (hit F1 or I on PC) and then go to the top left area of your character beside/near the head of your avatar.

Choose the correct sub-class that matches the current elemental burn/singe you found before.

It can be any of the sub-classes within that element as long as the element matches the current burn/singe.


That's all there is to it.

Note that it doesn't matter what element your energy or power weapons are using as long as your subclass is of that element.

In fact you could make the switch just before killing the final boss of a strike if you want.

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