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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Update 29 Champion Rework is Out and Live!

08 March, 2021


Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Update 29 Champion Rework is Out and Live!

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 29 champion rework is now live along with the Flames of Ambition DLC.

It's been a long wait and now we know what it looks like.

I won't be reviewing the Flames of Ambition DLC here only because I haven't had the chance to play it and I'm still waiting for the champion point 2.0 system shakeup to settle.

I'll be referring to champion point system 2.0 as "cp 2.0" from now on just to make things easier to write.

So let's dive into it briefly here.

Damage Per Second, DPS, Damage Output

After I fixed up the champion points and skills on my redguard stamina sorcerer, Blade Force, I took her out for a short spin outside of Vivec City.

What I mention below in this section is based on a CP 1014 character.

I didn't have enough points to spend on anything except the essentials.

i.e. damage boosting, some armour, a bit of speed

Despite losing the old +20% critical damage from Champion Point system 1.0 (referred to cp 1.0 from now on), 3000 - 4000 spell penetration and a 2-4% of critical hit percentages, I was doing roughly the same amount of damage from before the cp 2.0 update.

That's right.

Roughly the same amount.

I checked Combat Metrics a few times of course.


Because my base Stamina stat was at least 3000 - 5000 higher than before the update.

Plus I took all the champion point nodes for weapon and spell damage.

This pushed my weapon damage from 2200-2400 before to 3200-3400.

That's almost 1000 extra damage.

This is on top of the boost from stats.

So despite losing critical damage bonuses and penetration, I'm still doing roughly the same damage as I was before (roughly 20-30k a second depending on how the rolling goes).

Base Stats

Like I said the base stats are anywhere from 3000 - 5000 higher meaning my hit points are like 15000-17000 already without food or drink buffs.

This means that I can use food/drink buffs that focus only on my damaging stat stamina if I want.

This applies to every character in the game not just those with champion points.

The large hitpoints and stat pools means better survivability for all players and they also do more damage.

Base Armour/Resistances

My base armour and resistances were somewhat higher than I remember.

Looked like 1000-2000 extra, might be a bit more.

It means I can soak more damage from all sources (magic or physical) a lot better.

Also makes the 5% reduced X damage in the cp 2.0 tree not very interesting to most people unless you are a hard core tank lover.

Spell and Weapon Penetration

As I said above, it went down on average by around 3000 points.

They made up for this with the higher offensive stat pools that boost your overall damage (i.e. magicka, stamina, see above) and cp 2.0 star nodes that you can slot to boost weapon damage.

Critical Hit Percentage and Damage

This definitely went down by like 15%.

As I said above, they made up for it with super increased weapon damage (from cp star nodes and higher base stats before you even use food to get it higher).

Status Effect Chance

There are now nodes in the cp 2.0 tree that let you increase your chance to do status effects like burning, freezing solid and off-balance (increased heavy attack damage hits) by up to 60% for magical or physical status effects.

That's about 1.6X more likely.

If you combine this with the charged weapon trait (around 220% at legendary gold rank), you could get 3.8X the chance to cause a status effect.

The base chance for most elemental/physical weapon enchants (i.e. fire, lightning, frost, poison, disease) is 20%.

I believe that's about a 76% chance in total.

If you're a Destruction Staff user, you could get 100% more, meaning 4.8X or 96% chance to cause a status effect.

That's pretty amusing when you combine it with the cp 2.0 node that causes a 2000 oblivion damage explosion when the person with the status effect dies.


As you can see, damage output for most characters who are hard core min maxers hasn't really changed a whole lot.

And if you get enough points, like around 1500 - 3000, you can probably be way more versatile when switching between roles like tanking, healing or dps.

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