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Destiny 2 Daily Live Stream Mar 7, 2021 1649 Part 2

07 March, 2021


Destiny 2 Daily Live Stream Mar 7, 2021 1649 Part 2

Continuing the stream from the morning, this time in the afternoon. I decided to grab the new daily bounties after the daily reset and hit up the strike missions for the Tier 1 rewards.

Ended up running the Cosmodrome Warmind Rasputin strike mission almost 3 or 4 times in a row on Nightfall: Ordeal difficulty (1230 power). Definitely challenging though I thought it would be even worse.

Finished the Banshee gunsmith bounties and the Cosmodrome local bounties.

Ended up getting the Astrocyte Verse exotic warlock helmet with stats that really didn't suit my build (though it was 1259 power).

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