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How to Unlock Umbral Engrams and the Umbral Engram Decoder in Destiny 2

04 March, 2021


How to Unlock Umbral Engrams and the Umbral Engram Decoder in Destiny 2

You're going to learn how to unlock umbral engrams and the umbral engram decoder in Destiny 2. It's actually quite confusing for new players who are just getting into the game.

This is specifically for the time starting in Season of the Chosen.

I don't know if they'll change it in the future again.

Umbral Engrams

These drop whenever normal purple legendary engrams might drop.

They look kind of the same colour, though actually they're more black and purple.

If you take them to the Cryptarch Rahool in the Tower, you get zero options for dealing with them.

If you go to the Drifter with them, there's nothing you can do either.

(This was where you unlocked them in Season of Arrivals however that's no longer the case.)

So how do you unlock the legendary items within?


You have to start the Beyond Light story questline.

In fact you must start and finish the very first beginning quest at the very least.

To do this, you must have the Beyond Light expansion purchased of course.

Then you must click on Europa the moon/zone and not the symbol floating near it.

Clicking on it and selecting the 1100 ranked starting quest gets you going.

Then you must finish that starting quest.

After that, Commander Zivala sends you to mess with Cabal champions trying to join Empress Caiatl's War Council.

The Nessus zone should be unlocked.

To do this you must start and finish the Behemoth battleground in the Nessus zone.

Once that happens you go to the HELM headquarters area in the Tower that has the War Table.

They put you through more story dialog and then you must finish a darkness quest that has you walk over to the umbral decoder and prismatic recaster in back area of HELM.

Yes it's still in the same HELM hq area.

You'll find a big bowl in the back.

Check the consoles around there.

Then finish the initial darkness decoding quest with the fragile umbral lens.

Now you can completely use the umbral decoder to unlock all umbral engrams from now on.


So that's generally it, that's how you unlock umbral engrams and the umbral engram decoder in Destiny 2 as of Season of the Chosen.

They seem to keep shifting the recaster and encoder around all the time so stay tuned for changes to this article when the next season rolls out.

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