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How to Access the Vault in Destiny 2 on the PC or Any Other Platform

04 March, 2021


How to Access the Vault in Destiny 2 on the PC

You're going to learn how to quickly access the vault in Destiny 2, something even I was clueless about when I first started the game. That's because Bungie didn't exactly explain in an in-game tutorial, expecting you to do the work yourself.

And boy did I have to run through a lot of poorly written articles to figure it out.

The Vault

So Destiny 2 gives players a 500 slot "Vault" that's shared between all the characters on your account.

Which is great except that nowhere in the New Light tutorial do they even explain this at all.

I guess they expect you to hunt this information down yourself later.

Where Is It?

I guess if you were exploring every nook and cranny you'd find it easily enough.

When you arrive in the Courtyard of the Tower, move along to the right towards Lord Shaxx, the Crucible Handler.

Along that path toward him are a bank of terminals.

If you hover over them with your cursor, crosshair, you see that it lets you access the Vault.

Other Ways to Access the Vault

Destiny Item Manager

This is one of the best ways to manage your inventory and the Vault.

Just go to:


You'll need to create an account or sign in with Steam or an account like Google, Facebook, etc.

You can literally break gear down, move it between inventory and Vault and upgrades all within the web app.

Destiny 2 Companion

This is the official app for Destiny on iOS and Android.

Just search for: "destiny 2 companion".

This app lets you grab quests, talk with your clan, manage inventory and the vault, etc.

Destiny 2 Companion iOS

Destiny 2 Companion Android


Hopefully this how to reference is a lot more easy to understand and use than some of the articles I ran across trying to figure out how to access the Vault in Destiny 2, primarily on the PC.

This information also applies to players on Xbox and Playstation consoles and other platforms.

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