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How to Access the Battlegrounds in Destiny 2

04 March, 2021


How to Access the Battlegrounds in Destiny 2

You're going to learn how to access the new Battlegrounds PVE horde mode that appeared in Season of the Chosen. It's actually pretty confusing for new players and I've experienced the confusion so I'm going to make it easier for you to figure it out.

The Battlegrounds

These are 3 player Arena matches that pit you against a horde of Cabal mobs and bosses in their fortified base.

The whole point is to kill the big boss, a Cabal commmander who wants to join Empress Caiatl's War Council.

That's the backstory.

As of today anyway, there are 4 battlegrounds.

  • Behemoth (Nessus)
  • Cleansing (Cosmodrome)
  • Hailstone (Europa)
  • Oracle (Nessus)

The Problem

The problem is that as a new player I couldn't figure out how to access the battlegrounds.

And why did I need to access the battlegrounds?

Because I needed to unlock HELM to access the machines to unlock umbral engrams.

Another article about that later.

And none of this is clearly explained to you as a new Destiny 2 player.

You literally have to muddle your way through it.

It literally took half an hour or more to find some reliable information on how to deal with the umbral engrams and the battlegrounds.

The Solution

So how do you access battlegrounds?

You have to start Destiny 2, Beyond Light, story line quest.

To do that you have to go to Europa the moon/zone and start that mission.

The planet and not the small symbol beside it.

Click the planet.

It was confusing at first to me as well.

You have to finish that story line quest.

Once you finish that starting story line quest, Nessus zone should now unlock.

Commander Zivala gives you a mission to crash the party at The Behemoth battleground.

So you click Nessus and click The Behemoth to get started.

Group up with 2 other Guardians and beat the boss.

After that you can access HELM, more Beyond Light story quests, the umbral decoder and focus device, War Table and can do more Battlegrounds.

You can also get more Battleground bounties (quests) from the War Table.


So there you have it, the drop dead simple A to Z path to actually getting started with Battlegrounds, which you also need to unlock Umbral Engram loot that started dropping during Season of the Chosen.

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