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Destiny 2 Daily Live Stream Mar 4, 2021

04 March, 2021


Destiny 2 Daily Live Stream Part 1 Mar 4, 2021

Part 1: Cosmodrome Bounties and a Strike?

In this stream I finish off a whole slew of daily bounties in the Cosmodrome and I think I do a strike to get more xp for the weekly bounty from the Vanguard.

Got to level the seasonal artifact.

Part 2: Risk Runner Exotic and Nessus Bounties

Destiny 2 Daily Live Stream Part 2 Mar 4, 2021

In the second part of the stream after the break, I decide to finish the exotic quest (Pain and Gain, Risk/Reward) to get Risk Runner, a submachine gun (originally from ShadowKeep).

Boy does Caede-6 really tick me off.

It involved a jumping puzzle and I hate those.

I fell to my death many, many times on stream.

Afterwards I went over to Nessus to do the Fail Safe quests and finish off even more bounties for more seasonal xp and loot.

A very eventful night finished with Vex and the Cabal public events.

Even finished a Lost Sector in Nessus.

Nearly at the soft cap of 1250 for the season and things aren't so brutal when doing the Lost Sectors (aka public delves/dungeons).

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