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My Top Favourite Minion UI Mods in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) 2021 Edition

24 February, 2021


Map of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online/ESO to Scale

These are my top or favourite Minion UI mods for the Elder Scrolls Online as of 2021.

They are for quality of life and cover many aspects of the game.

Using Mods

There's already an app for this for PC.

It is Minion.

Go to the site, install the app and simply hit "Find More" to find the mod in question and install it.

Really simple.


Many of the mods now use library mods which are mods that have database information from ESO that a mod needs to work.

It also makes it easier to update mods in general when new items appear, simply by updating the library mod.

Builds of Gear and Skills

AlphaGear 2

This is likely my number 1 most important mod ecause it makes it so easy to switch gear sets and skill sets when switching between roles like healer, tank or dps.

All I have to do is click a profile that I've set up and it instantly equips the right gear.

Other Options

  • Dressing Room

User Interface/UI

AUI - Advanced UI

The one by Sensi.

This is my preferred UI mod to make things like health, stamina, magicka and timers more easy to see.

It has dps calculators and all that however I still use Combat Metrics instead.


Advanced Filters - Updated

This mod lets you filter and sort items in your bank by style, level.

This makes things drop dead simple when you need to find something.

Or if you need figure out what to deconstruct or to sell.

Especially pesky 0 gold junk items.

Quality Sort

by silvereyes

This mod adds the ability to sort by quality like white, green, blue, purple and gold.

This helps when deconstructing gear.


by megawriter.

This is a must have mod in my eyes as it allows you to sort your inventory/bank by set, which lets you quickly find/breakdown/sell the right set gear.

Bag Space Indicator

by lordrichter

This mod always shows you how much space you have in your backpack and in your bank as well as how much gold your current character is carrying.

It appears on your HUD/screen and you can move it anywhere.

Very useful as you can tell with a glance if you're about to run out of space in your character's backpack while looting.


By Garkin.

A small mod that helps with setting up rules and getting rid of junk.

FCO ItemSaver

By Baertram.

This is my go to inventory mod for marking inventory items and sorting them by whether they need to be deconstructed, used in a set, researched, sold to vendors or sold at the guild store.

There are even rules to auto mark an item for crafting inspiration and breakdown.

Inventory Insight

By manavortex.

This mod lets you view the inventory of all characters on your account at any time.

It also lets you view all your storage chests, your bank, etc.

Very useful if you need to know where you stored something or collection piece.

Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)

By Ayantir

The auto loop option in ESO sticks loot in your inventory and doesn't tell you what it was.

This mod changes things so that it automatically shows up on your screen in a fading/scrolling list of items picked up as they come in.


PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, etc)

By Klingo.

This mod automates the storage of various kinds of items you loot in the game.

You can also set rules to have a certain # of items in your backpack and more.

You can set rules to automatically move all surveys and treasure maps into your bank too.

Great if your doing daily writs as you can automatically move all the gold you made into the bank, plus surveys, treasure maps and even intricate items.

Votan's Rune Tooltips

A useful mod to show what a rune actually does without having to reference a website every time.


FCM Quest Tracker

This is a mod that creates a toggle window on your screen with a summary of all the quests you have to do.

Assign hot keys to turn it on or off, maybe with a later mod on my list.


Trait research is a tedious chore.

Before I got mods in this area I had to remember who learned what and what else still needed to be learned.

With these mods all of that headache goes away.

AI Research Grid (optional maybe)

This one is optional as I believe that another mod later on known as CraftStore already handles this.

It shows you what your character has already learned in terms of traits.

Auto Research

By setting what quality of gear (white, green, blue, purple, gold) to use, you can have all of your characters automatically research any item for a trait that is in your bank.

This saves you the headache of having to figure out what to learn next as this mod just does it for you.

CraftStore Markarth

The one by Rhyono.

This is the best mod I've used so far for tracking what traits are known, what styles are known, etc.

Anything related to crafting.

You can also view any of your characters on your account without having to switch characters.

Daily Alchemy

By Marify.

If you want to easily do daily alchemy crafting writs get this mod.

It automates the whole process so you can do it in seconds.

No searching around for ingredients.

Daily Craft Status

This is a handy little mod that tells you when you can turn in daily crafting writs.

Daily Provisioning

By Marify.

Works just like Daily Alchemy, it allows you to do daily provisioning writs easily in seconds.

ESO Master Recipe List

This mod lists every recipe in the game for you to study or to set a goal to look for it.

Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter

This is my go to mod for crafting any set in the game.

It makes it super easy to queue up every piece of a training set for example.

Or if you're crafting sets to sell this makes it dead drop easy to figure out the required materials and send a request for gold or the materials to your customer.

Master Write Queue patch for Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter

This lets you add Master Writs to the queue in the aforementioned mod.

Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)

by facit.

This excellent mod is a must have as it makes crafting any kind of poison or potion so much simpler than the vanilla interface.

Votan's Fisherman (optional)

Helps with using bait for fishing.

WritWorthy (optional)

The mod I use to automate Master Writs.

No longer being updated so you might want to use Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter with its patch.

Trading, Guild Traders

Tamriel Trade Centre

by cyxui

This mod is a must have if you buy a lot of stuff.

It's a little complicated in that to make it truly work you have to install another small program on your computer that gets trade data from the database and its web site.

Otherwise it's a must have if you want to know the price of anything currently sold by players in the game.


By sirinsidiator.

The vanilla guild store interface in ESO is terrible and hard to use.

Using this mod makes it easy to sort, filter and search for items at guild traders.

You can save favourite searches, etc.

A must have for those who need to buy gear or do a lot of trading of any kind.

Master Merchant 3.0

By Sharlikran.

If you do a lot of selling as a trader, this mod makes it easier to keep track of where you're selling and how much you've earned.

Champion Points

Champion Point Respec (optional)

This mod may become quite out of date in 2021 once Blackwood's updates drop however right now it is somewhat useful.

You can save different champion point profiles to switch to (at the cost of gold of course).

You could have profiles for PVE, raiding, PVP or whatever you want like healing, tanking or dps too.

You can back up these profiles if you ever need to reinstall the game.


Combat Metrics

Even though AUI has some combat metrics it's not very detailed.

If you want a detailed breakdown for yourself and your group then Combat Metrics is a mod to have.

It'll tell you what skills cause what damage or how much.

It also calculates healing dps and total healing too among other things.

Map, Coordinates and Compasses

I usually just have a bunch of map mods that mark things other players have recorded or found.

Having many of them means that you cover anything one mod author may have missed.

  • Destinations (by Sharlikran)
  • Dungeon Champions (by Scott123)
    • Once you kill a dungeon boss it's recorded so you know who you've killed and still need to kill
  • Dungeon Helper (by tomkolp)
  • Dungeon Tracker
    • Now you know which delves and dungeons you've finished and which ones are left to do.
  • HarvestMap (by Shinni)
    • Marks down every crafting node you've ever harvested and shows it to all your characters
    • Back up this mod's data of course
  • LoreBooks
    • Now you can see where lorebooks are found on any map.
  • Lost Treasure
    • Shows treasure map and survey locations so you can save time when grinding them.
  • Map Pins
    • I got this mod to cover for Destinations weaknesses.
    • This mod will show you where time rifts are on a map making the Psijic quest line easier.
  • Quest Map
  • SkyShards


Go Home

This mod lets you assign hot keys to auto teleport to any of your player owned homes.

Port to Friend's House

You can set hotkeys to teleport to the house of other players that have publicly open homes or homes where you have permission to enter.

Data or Reference Mods

Item Set Browser

If you want to see the stats for every set in the game that's currently in the available mod libraries, then this mod is for you.

It covers all sets including craftable ones.

You can also search by stats like magicka sets or crafted sets.

Undaunted Daily

This mod tells you want Undaunted dailies are available for the day.

Votan's Lore Library Search (optional)

Makes it somewhat easier to search for information in your lore library.

Useful if you have Eidetic Memory from finishing the Mage Guild quest.

Character Advancement

Harven's Improved Skills Window

My preferred mod to see your skills and skill morphs in detail.

If you want to be less confused when upgrading skills and skill morphs, this mod is for you.

Overview - Show your Build

By Graham

This mod will kind of remind you of Morrowind's character screens.

It will show you all your stats, champion points, gear equipped, etc on various windows on your screen.

Bind this to a hot key and it's even better than ESO's standard character window until 2021's major updates come out.

Undaunted Pledges Utilities (optional)

A small mod that can help you manage your Undaunted dailies such as automatically dropped old ones if the day for them has passed.

Urich's Skill Point Finder

by frtizOSU03

This mod is handy as it shows you all the skill points, quest points, skyshards and more from all areas of the game including the dungeons you've finished.

A must have.

Votan's Achievements Overview (optional)

This makes it easier to view your achievements.

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