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Top 7 Things to Do Before Hitting Level 50 in ESO/Elder Scrolls Online

22 February, 2021


You're going to learn about the top 10 things to do before hitting level 50 as a new or returning ESO/Elder Scrolls Online player.

This is definitely more useful for beginning players however even veteran players who haven't efficiently levelled alts before might find this a good refresher.

So let's start shall we?

Top 7 Things to Do Before Hitting Level 50 in ESO/Elder Scrolls Online

Main Quest and Faction Quests

It's a real good idea to go through the main quests and your starting faction quests as fast and as often as possible.

The main quest gives you 10 skill points and the faction quests also give you like 3 skill points per zone, and there's usually a bunch of zones.

Skill points are needed to improve your skills.

No matter how faster you level them without skill points it's hard to get the max power out of them.


It's usually good to have one main character who's done all the main quests and zone quests for each faction.

They'll unlock more of the achievements which also unlocks dyes for your outfit station.

Quest Experience

The main quest and zone quest bonus experience points are very useful for levelling your character and skills.

Guild Skill Lines

The guilds often have very useful passives and even active skills that you'll need now and later on.

The best places to find the Fighters Guild, Mage Guild and Undaunted are in the Alliance starter and capital cities of each faction.

Ebonheart Pact

  • Davon's Watch in Stonefalls
  • Mournhold in Deshaan (Undaunted)

Altmeri Dominion

  • Vukhel Guard in Auridon
  • Elden Root in Grahtwood (Undaunted)

Daggerfall Covenant

  • Daggerfall in Glenumbra
  • Wayrest in Stormhaven (Undaunted)

Fighters Guild

The abilities are most useful to stamina characters.

To level this line you have to kill werewolves, undead and daedra.

Dawnbreaker is one of the strongest ultimates for stamina characters currently as of this writing.

Silver Shards is an excellent stamina aoe attack anyone can use.

Silver Leash gives you a pull ability if you tank.

Circle of Protection and its morph Turn Evil are an excellent bunch of crowd control abilities.

Expert Hunter and its morphs increase your critical hit chance.

Trap Beast and its morphs are one of the few sources of bonus critical damage in the game.

Intimidating Presence is useful for quests.

Banish the Wicked gives you more ultimate.

Slayer can be useful if you use any of the before mentioned guild skills.

Mage's Guild

To level this line you have to find and read lorebooks.

Its most useful to magicka characters.

Meteor is one of the strongest burst and damage over time (DOT) attacks in the game.

Mage Light is for critical hits.

Entropy can give you more spell damage with Major Sorcery.

What's really handy are the passives.

Persuasive Will is useful for quests.

Magicka Controller increases your max magicka (thus damage) and recovery when using mage skills like Meteor.


The Undaunted technically aren't a guild however they do have a very useful skill line for all players doing PVE and dungeons.

All of their active skills are useful in PVE and dungeons.

Blood Altar grants life stealing to you and allies.

Inner Fire lets any character taunt like a tank should.

Bone Shield gives anyone using it a damage shield even if they don't normally have one.

Or it can boost an existing damage shield further by stacking.

What really stands out are the passives.

Undaunted Command lets you restore health, stamina and magicka when you activate any synergies caused by other player abilities.

Undaunted Mettle increases your max health, stamina and magicka by a 2% per different type of armour equipped.

Alliance Skill Line

This is also something you should unlock as early as possible once you hit level 10.

For stamina characters this is most useful however it's also useful to magicka characters too.

By unlocking the Assault and Support alliance skill lines you gain access to Rapid Maneuver which allows you to speed up your mount by 30%.

In Cyrodil, this is very handy because you have to travel a large map.

For stamina characters, the Vigor skill or specifically Resolving Vigor is a strong heal over time skill that will help you stay alive in PVE or PVP content.

Daily Dungeons and Daily Battlegrounds

Daily dungeons can be reached by hitting P and finding the section for Daily Dungeons or for Daily Battlegrounds.

Daily Dungeons

Doing your daily random dungeon once a day will get you a huge xp bonus which is great for levelling.

It also gives you rewards and transmute crystals which you'll need later on for reconstructing gear.

You can start doing dungeons somewhere around level 15 I believe.

You won't have access to the veteran dungeons until level 45.

The other bonus of doing dungeons regularly is that you'll be able to quickly get complete set collections of gear you'll want for your character when you hit CP 160/max level in ESO.


Even if the set gear you find is level 32 and is useless to you once you hit CP 160 or max level, by breaking it down it's recorded in your Collections (hit U, find the tab for it in the top right).

Once you hit max level/CP 160, you can reconstruct the armour with transmute crystals.

This Collection of sets is account wide so if you have even one crafting character you can re-create the set and pass it to the correct character later.

Daily Battlegrounds

Daily battlegrounds is a pvp mode which also gives you similar rewards to daily dungeons.

It also advances your Alliance skill line if you hate doing pvp in Cyrodiil.

Crafting Training

If you want to be able to improve your own gear or craft your own gear then you can do that.

You should also start all crafting skills on all characters no matter the level because the daily crafting writs offer you a steady reliable source of gold every day for only an hour of time.

Also you should be training these skills by deconstructing all useless loot.

You'll also learn the special traits like Divines, Invigorating, etc that you'll need when reconstructing the set gear as mentioned below.

The deconstruction will also add any set gear to your "stickerbook" or Collections for later reconstruction with transmute crystals.

You should aim to get all your skills to 50 by the time you hit level 50 however it's possible to work on this as you do the daily writs.


This is why it's a good idea to have at least 1 crafter character who has all the weapon and armour traits.

When reconstructing sets at the Transmute Station (one is easily found in Clockwork City, City of Brass), your character using it will need to know the trait if they want the set piece to have it as well.

Unlock Your Armour Lines

By unlocking all your armour skill lines it gives your character huge flexibility to adapt to any role whether it's healer, tank or dps.

So you want to unlock Light, Medium and Heavy armour.

If your a stamina character, Medium and Heavy are priority unless you do some healing on the side.

If your a magicka character, Light and Heavy are priority unless you intend to do hybrid dps.


So even if your character was originally made to be dps you can switch to tanking just by wearing heavy armour and using tanking sets with tanking bonuses.

This applies whether you're a magicka or stamina character as there are tanking sets for either type.

Without unlocking all the armour skill line passives you'll be less effective or able to survive when doing the role related to that skill line.

Mount Training

A fast mount with 60 speed score is needed to travel across regions and PVP zones fast.

Unfortunately it is per character, so you have to remember to login every 20 hours or so to improve the mount skills for each character until you've maxed all mount skills out.

No one likes a slow mount because it makes getting to dungeons or battles really annoying.

Spend Your Champion Points

This is a little known fact even to veteran players.

For beginning players this point won't matter until they themselves become vets.

As of the Markarth update anyway, you can still assign and spend champion points to boost your character's power even before they hit level 50/cp 160.

This boosts your levelling speed (through firepower) and survivability greatly.


So there you have it, the top things you should be doing as an ESO player before you hit level 50.

By doing these things you'll make your gameplay a lot easier and smoother especially once you hit max level.

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