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Warframe Skirmish: Spy Woes Live Stream Feb 20, 2021

20 February, 2021


Today's quick live stream was again sorties and arbitrations, I think it was just sorties really.

Lavos is the New Beast Tank

Lavos has become my go to tank frame in the game as it requires no energy to have 1400 - 1600 armour (giving around 83% damage reduction).

This is before proccing arcane guardian for another 900 point bonus.

Combine this with arcane grace and Lavos is nearly unkillable.

Just use his 1 or Ophidian Lash to deal status and leech health and it makes Lavos a survival machine that's even better than my old favourite, Rhino Prime.

Warframe Skirmish: Spy Woes Live Stream Feb 20, 2021

Spy Woes and Ivara Prime

Loki used to be my favourite stealth or spy mission frame however I prefer Ivara Prime.

Sure other content creators in Warframe like the shoot and forget invisibility of Loki/Loki Prime, which even allows you to attack with noisy weapons without breaking it however a well modded Ivara Prime is just as good.

My favourite loadout is often heavily forma weapons: Baza Prime, hushed catchmoon secondary kitgun (aka Dreddhammer) and the Falcor, corpus glaive.

Add on a sahasa kubrow to constantly get energy restores dug out of the ground and you can maintain Ivara's invisibility almost forever even in open world zones.

This makes her great for wildlife hunting, conservation and fishing while invisible.

Since there's no duration, you keep maintaining it, I never have to think about recasting it after starting it up unlike Loki's invisibility.

With an augmented Prowl using Infiltrate augmentation mod, I can bypass almost all security systems, laser fields, etc to finish spy missions with ease.

Anyway today's sortie spy mission was a bust because the because problem in any spy mission are the other players who aren't careful.

So I had to solo this spy mission myself just to finish it after 2 failed attempts with groups.

There's almost always 1 player who screws it up for everyone else due to carelessness or impatience.

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