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Selene's Web Normal Dungeon Run: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 20, 2021

20 February, 2021


Terranus Shadowblade my stamina nightblade took up the challenge as a tank during a normal random daily dungeon run of Selene's Web.

This dungeon used to be quite the challenge, mostly due to the final boss being Selene and her bear spirit.

On veteran mode, it could one shot kill most characters except the most high armored and high hit point tanks.

Once you get the hang of avoiding the bear attack which has a telegraphed/obvious signs and long wind up, beating Selene's Web on any difficulty is generally a breeze.

Well except on Hard Mode where the mobs might hit too hard and have too many hit points.

Terranus used Ebon Armoury heavy armour, Fortified Brass and Swarm Mother monster set.

Frankly Swarm Mother isn't optimal however I haven't bothered to give the nightblade a better monster helm so far.

Selene's Web Normal Dungeon Run: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 20, 2021

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