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Murkmire Main Quest with Dragonknight Live Stream Part 1: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 20, 2021

20 February, 2021


Scirocco Vayne, my dragonknight continues the Murkmire main zone quest.

He wasn't too far in so there's still plenty to explore.

This is only the first part of his journey (well close to it).

I'd begun the zone awhile back and only now got around to continuing.

Murkmire Main Quest with Dragonknight Live Stream Part 1: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 20, 2021

My Thoughts on Murkmire as a Zone

Zenimax also made the plants come alive with amusing effects, making it seem like you're in a harsh and wacky swamp.

It gives the zone a sense of ambience, of danger.

Any plant you run into might spit gas or electricity or napalm on you.

And of course the mosquitoes are definitely an annoyance if you run into them.

The Locals

The lore you learn about the argonians is definitely one of the highlights.

One of the memorable highlights was meeting Xukas mentor and learning about his backstory.

It gave the ever joking, amiable Xukas some depth which I really appreciated.

Similarly there's a sense of mystery behind these characters because you don't know everything about them.

They're only unravelled slowly.

For example, the Argonian benefactor of Cyrodilic Collections, Kassandra is an Argonian born in Morrowind yet raised in Cyrodil.

When asked whether she still hears the hist she declines to comment, making you wonder if there's something more to her desire for the Remnant of Argon which is the macguffin of this zone.

So far...

I'm really enjoying the zone.

The zone quest has stealth, combat and variety making it entertaining to be sure.

After the second time around I'm interested in learning more about Murkmire and its secrets.

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