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How to Use Outfits and Fashion in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

19 February, 2021


A lot of new players often don't know how to use the outfit and fashion system in the Elder Scrolls Online.

They can't be blamed as Zenimax doesn't exactly build a tutorial in game for it.

You have to search for it yourself.

Anyhow I created a video about it above or below.

If you want to get a written gist, read on.

How to Use Outfits and Fashion in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

Where To Get Styles/Looks

As a new player however you likely don't have many unless you've already started deconstructing useless loot gear.

The other way of getting gear/weapon styles is by finding motifs, style books (i.e. Khajit style) and golden event containers (i.e. Glenmoril Wyrd Hat Box or something along those lines).

You can bet that every time there's an ESO event or celebration the golden event boxes will appepar.


You can access the Outfits by hitting U to bring up the Collections window.

Then search the tabs on the top right until you see something saying Outfits.

Hit that tab option and you'll see all the outfit styles that you currently have.

You can literally change the look of any piece of worn gear or weapons or shields you want however all of it is a preview and is not permanent.

The only thing that is permanent are name changes to your outfit.

That's where...

Outfit Stations Come In

There are outfit stations in practically every major city in ESO's Tamriel.

One of the easiest ones to reach if you have Summerset expansion is Alinor.

Just go down the stairs from the way point to the crafting area and the outfit station is among them.

Using the Outfit Station

The outfit station works the same as how you used it in the Collections window.

Except this time you can make it permanent by selecting "Apply Changes" at the bottom usually.

You have the option to "Undo Changes" as well.

You can also "Rename Your Outfit".

In this interface you can also dye your outfits with any colours you've unlocked through dye kits (found/bought on the Crown Store) or in game achievements.

What Happens If You Don't See Your New Outfit?

If you're wearing a costume in Collections > Appearance > Costumes then it will hide your outfit.

So you'll have to remove or take it off.

Also you need to go to your character's profile (hit C) and go up to the top right hand area with a drop down menu for outfits.

Select the outfit you just set up.

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