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Triple Dungeon Grind & Helping a Friend Live Stream: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 18, 2021

18 February, 2021


Another daily grind in the world of ESO/Elder Scrolls Online. Dungeon running Darkshade Caverns 2, Blessed Crucible and White-Gold Tower on normal difficulty with my stamina warden, stamina sorcerer and stamina dragonknight as tanks.

At 1:27:00 I stop dungeon running and help @LordDurothil, a friend of mine with their stamina nightblade, Yvalee, in Wrothgar DLC zone.

I've talked about my stamina warden before.

Triple Dungeon Grind & Helping a Friend Live Stream: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 18, 2021

Blade Force (stamina sorcerer)

She's Redguard which is great for sustain as of the current patch.

Unlike my other tanks she isn't armed with the usual Ebon Armoury and Fortified Brass set.

No particular reason, I just never got around to giving it to her.

Blade uses Hatchling's Shell and Akaviri Dragonguard sets.

Hatchling's Shell

This set gives her a damage shield to help buff up her overall survivability.

Akaviri Dragonguard

An okay set for tanking, mostly useful for the 15% reduced cost of ultimates allowing her to spam Dawnbreaker Fighter's Guild ultimate during a fight.

Clearly Blade is a tank while wearing this gear and not dps so I don't expect her to do a lot of damage with Dawnbreaker

Engine Guardian

This is literally one of my favourite sets for off tanks (i.e. tanks who aren't specialized in tanking).

It randomly supplies health, stamina or magicka resources per second for like a number of seconds (who knows if it'll change in patches so I'm not stating the number).

Scirocco Vayne (stamina dragonknight)

It's hard to call him an actual stamina dragonknight.

He really is more of a hybrid character.

Scirocco's definitely more focused on tanking, even using the Lady mundus stone for higher defences.

In fact when not tanking I make him act as a magicka dps (not the greatest) because all his champion points are geared toward fire and magic damage anyway rather than physical.

I've got a lot of tanking sets stuffed on him.

These are some of the options.

Ebon Armoury

Pretty standard health bonuses to all party members.

Daedric Trickery

A random buff for like 18-20 seconds every 20 seconds currently.

The buff is always major.

Real handy is when he gets Major Protection for 15% damage reduction or Major Expedition for 15% increased speed.

Hatchling's Shell

A damage shield that comes up every 15 seconds, lasting 15 seconds.

Just another way to absorb big hits when it's not one hit kill mechanics involved.

Good for surviving March of Sacrifices, Moonhunter Keep or Falkreath Hold (the minotaurs, damned minotaurs).


I usually have Scirocco use Tremorscale to further reduce enemy defences in a 5 metre radius.

Combined with crushing means a lot of defences reduced, meaning all party members do more damage.

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