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Triple Dungeon Grind Live Stream: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 17, 2021

17 February, 2021


Another daily grind in the world of ESO/Elder Scrolls Online. Dungeon running City of Ash 2, Arx Corinium and the Banished Cells 1 on normal difficulty with my stamina warden, stamina templar and magicka sorceror as tanks.

I've talked about my stamina warden before.

Triple Dungeon Grind Live Stream: ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 17, 2021

Rajaat Firebringer (Stamina Templar)

My stamina templar Rajaat Firebringer works pretty much the say way with Ebon Armour set, Fortified Brass set and Tremorscale.

He gets insanely high defence when he stands in one spot while basking in Restoring Focus.

With the templar's healing abilities using magicka he can keep himself alive during a fight.

The use of Repentence allows him to also heal and restore his stamina spent from blocking.

Dar Sinius Vale (Magicka Sorcerer)

Normally Dar is a dps-healer semi-hybrid.

I've outfitted him to be a magicka tank.

The sets he uses in this run are:

  • Bone Pirate

    • This monster helm set works exceptionally well for a damage shield focused magicka sorcerer.
    • The Major Defile and Major Protection reduce healing and damage received by 15% as of today.
    • The major defile isn't as big of an issue since my sorcerer is blocking damage with a damage shield.
    • This set works well when he's under heavy fire.
  • Eternal Vigor

    • A great sustain set, it boosts his magicka recovery greatly while his health is over 50% I believe.
    • If he stops blocking he recovers magicka a lot faster.
    • Since it's heavy armour defences are high with the passives.
  • Winter's Respite

    • This set is useful mostly for the high magicka boots and a bit of magicka recovery.
    • The main thing is that when Dar casts an effect on the ground it creates a healing circle.
    • Dar uses Blood Altar usually to proc this further enhancing the healing to the group.
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