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ESO: Arx Corinium Dungeon on Normal Live Stream (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 16, 2021

16 February, 2021


Another daily grind in the world of ESO/Elder Scrolls Online. Also a run of normal Arx Corinium to get transmute crystals with my stamina warden as tank (he's normally a dps).

ESO: Arx Corinium Dungeon on Normal Live Stream (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 16, 2021

Verdant Dragon uses these sets:

  • Ebon Armour

    • The classic non-selfish tanking set that grants extra health to you and everyone in the group.
  • Fortified Brass

    • An easily craftable set, it grants huge amounts of armour bonuses to all defences.
    • This means that you don't have to worry about finding other ways to hit the 30k armour cap usually once combined with the warden's expansive frost cloak or the other version.
    • Total armour with frost cloak is like 30k, making this character hard to kill.
  • Tremorscale

    • This adds physical defence debuff reductions on enemies in an area, so you and your group do more damage to them or the boss.
    • This makes up for the fact that my normally dps warden isn't using crushing or cowardice enchants on weapons (or poisons).
    • Also the shalk morph for debuffing physical and spell defences of enemies is only for the magicka version which my stamina based tank wouldn't use.
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