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ESO: Scalecaller Peak & Daily Grind Live Stream (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 15, 2021

15 February, 2021


Another daily grind in the world of ESO/Elder Scrolls Online. Also a run of normal Scalecaller Peak to get transmute crystals with my orc stamina necromancer as tank.

Morgana Sadow is also one of my dps characters turned tank (just to get into dungeons faster).

ESO: Scalecaller Peak & Daily Grind Live Stream (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 15, 2021

The sets she uses are:

  • Champions of the Hist

    • You don't often see this one however it's a set that's useful for ultimate generation through Minor Heroism.
    • This helps us use Pummeling Goliath transformation more often to stay alive.
    • We rely on heavy armour passives and the shield to stay alive.
  • Wereholf's Hide

    • Every time you take damage you get ulimate.
    • Also to use Pummeling Goliath more often.
    • This set is more offense than defence when it comes to stats however that's the trade off to get more ultimate.
  • Bloodspawn

    • This monster set is handy to not just increase defences when we take damage, it also gives us large amounts of ultimate if/when it procs/triggers.
    • If you're taking damage rapid fire, this can proc plenty.
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