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ESO: City of Ash 1 Normal Dungeon and Survey Grind Live Stream (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 15, 2021

15 February, 2021


Another daily grind in the world of ESO/Elder Scrolls Online. Also a run of normal City of Ash 1 to get transmute crystals with my altmer magicka necromancer as healer.

Even though Sianna Lefay, my necromancer is primarily geared around solo PVE dps, it's easy enough to outfit her with sets to act as a healer even though she has no champion points invested into healer nodes in constellations.

For a normal dungeon it's easy enough.

ESO: City of Ash 1 Normal Dungeon and Survey Grind Live Stream (Elder Scrolls Online) Feb 15, 2021

For Sianna, her sets are:

  • Shalk's Exo-Skeleton

    • This is mostly a dps set however with heavy armour passives and Bone Armor skill, it's good enough to get the job done.
    • It also generates 1 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds through Minor Heroism so it helps use our Ravenous Goliath ultimate skill way more often during a fight.
  • Eternal Vigor

    • No ultimate boosts here however it massively increases our stamina, magicka regen.
    • It then boots health if we fall below 50% health.
  • Engine Guardian

    • This monster set grants her extra health recovery.
    • It also supplies extra resources to sustain her tanking during a fight. It's random however it can be useful if the resource is magicka or health.
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